What are the benefits of using a pacifier?

What are the benefits of using a pacifier?

"Stressed newborn babies are more likely to suck pacifier," says French pediatrician Jérôme Valleteau de Mouillac. You do not have to worry. In most cases, the use of breastfeeding at such an early age does not have any negative consequences.

Recent studies point to the protective role of breastfeeding in the event of sudden infant deaths. "Baby move more easily from the sleep phase to the wake-up phase in the event of unexpected adverse events, such as a pause," said a specialist in the sudden death syndrome of newborns and infants from Montpellier, France. When the baby is lying on the back, the air circulates in the mouth and nose, there is no danger of the tongue fitting and the baby starts to suffocate.

The American and French pediatricians therefore recommend giving a baby sleeping bag for up to one year. In premature babies, the suction reflex is maintained by the baby while the baby is fed with the probe. In older children, it gives a sense of security and comfort. It helps to reduce pain in some performance, such as blood collection, injections and vaccinations.

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